Bobcat 440B Specs

Specifications for Bobcat 440B Skid Steer Loader

Here is the summarized information for Bobcat 440B specs. The Bobcat 440B Skid-Steer Loader is a 16.5 HP machine that can weighs in at over 1.09 tons and is powered by a 2 cylinder Kohler engine. It has a 36-inch bucket that has 5.1 cf. It was manufactured between 1985-1993.

Here are the Bobcat 440B Specs:

Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: 440B
Type: Skid Steer Loader
Years manufactured: 1985-1993
Engine power: 16.5 hp – 12.3 kW
Rated operating capacity: 600lb. – 272 kg.
Bucket width: 36 inches – 91 cm
Bucket capacity: 5.1 cf {0.144m3}

Dimension Specs for the 440B Skid-Steer Loader:
Weight:2195 lb. – 996 kg.

Bobcat 440B Engine Specs:

Type: Kohler / M18-QS
Power: 16.5 hp – 12.3 kW
Cylinders: 2
Bore/Stroke: 3.125 inches (79.4 mm)/ 2.75 inches (69.8 mm)
Displacement: 42.19 cu. in. (691.4 cm3)

Drive Specs:

Front tire: 5.70 x 12.0
Rear tire: 5.70 x 12.0

Bobcat 440b Manuals

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Bobcat 440b Attachments

The 440B Skid-Steer from Bobcat is equipped with a universal skid steer quick hitch. This allows the operator to connect a  variety of attachments to this skid-steer loader. These include:
  • Buckets
  • Grapple buckets
  • Harley rakes
  • 4-in-1 buckets
  • Trenchers
  • Hydraulic augers
  • Pallet forks
  • Sweepers
  • Brush cutter
  • Stump grinders
  • Dozer blades

Video walkaround for a Bobcat 440B skid-steer loader

Here is a video walk around for a Bobcat 440B loader:

Bobcat 440B series manuals:

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