How much does a Bobcat machine weigh?

Here is the weight of many of the popular Bobcat skid steer loaders, with links through to more Bobcat specs for each model number. You can also browse a full list of Bobcat specs.

Bobcat ModelWeight (lbs)Weight (kgs)More info
Bobcat 7534,730 lbs2,145.5 kg753 Specs
Bobcat 7635,400 lbs2,449.4 kg763 Specs
Bobcat 7735,808 lbs2,634.4 kg773 Specs, 773G Specs
Bobcat 7514,710 lbs2,636.4 kg751 Specs
Bobcat S1756,220 lbs2,821.3 kgS175 Specs
Bobcat S5706,395 lbs2,900 kgS570 Specs
Bobcat T3009354 lbs / 4243 kgT300 Specs
Bobcat T20017,813.4 lbs8,080 kgsT200 Specs
Bobcat TL1307,646 lbs3468.1 kgTL130 Specs
Bobcat T4506,148 lbs2,788.6 kgT450 Specs
Bobcat S85010,237 lbs4,643.4 kgsS850 Specs
Bobcat S7709,314 lbs4224.7 kgS770 Specs
Bobcat S7508,730 lbs3,959.8S750 Specs
Bobcat S6508,610 lbs3,905.4 kgS650 Specs
Bobcat S6307,610 lbs3,451.8 kgsS630 Specs
Bobcat S5506,213 lbs2,818.1 kgsS550 Specs

What is the heaviest Bobcat loader on the market?

The heaviest Bobcat on the market is the Bobcat S850 weighing in at an operating weight of 10,237 lb. or 4643.4 kg. In the market for a Bobcat? Click here to see Bobcat skidsteer loaders for sale.

What is the lightest Bobcat loader on the market?

The Bobcat T450 is Bobcat’s smallest compact track loader. The truck’s length without an attachment is 98.4 inches. It’s width is 55 inches and the etruck’s height is 77.8 inches. The T450 has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 1,400 pounds, operating weight of 6,148 pounds, and auxiliary standard flow of 16.7 gal/min and joystick control.